This is a generic view to display the device category selected in the devices view. This view retrieves the params given and shows them thanks to the zircle-ui action getParams()



Create a device.vue file inside the views folder and paste the following code:

  <z-view> {{retrieveParams}}
    <z-spot slot="extension"
      size='small' >
export default {
  computed: {
    retrieveParams () {
      if (this.$zircle.getParams() !== undefined) {
        return this.$zircle.getParams().fruit

As we explain before, we create this view to show the details of our selected item. And we use $zircle.getParams() to retrieve the params.

This is not the only way . You can create specials view for each item as we did in rooms view.


If you enable vue-router, its better to use $router.params to retrieve the params

Wire up

Don't forget to import this component in App.vue!