Migration guide


Zumly, a new zooming UI library, is now public at [https://github.com/zumly/zumly](https://github.com/zumly/zumly)

Give a try!

With the release of zircle-ui 0.9.0 many internal and external things have changed. As a result zircle-ui is now more intuitive and easy to use.

Following this brief migration guide it will be easy for you to adatp your project to the new version of zircle-ui.

Built-in components with changes


  • Changes:

    • z-canvas has now a new property named views
    • Use prop views to pass all your zircle's views.
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  • Changes:

    • z-view-manager becomes a child component of z-canvas
    • It is no longer a publiccomponent, so you don't need to use anymore.
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  • Changes:

    • z-panel changed its name to z-view
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  • Changes:

    • z-scale changed its name to z-spot
    • z-spot has three behaviours:
      • By default is a view controller to zoom-in to another view
      • When property button is true z-spot becomes a button
      • When property knob is true z-spot becomes a range knob
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  • Changes:
    • z-button was deleted
    • Use z-spotwith property button
<z-spot button></z-spot>


  • Changes:
    • z-range was deleted
    • Use z-spot with property knob
<z-spot knob></z-spot>


  • Changes:

    • Its child component z-item was deleted. Use z-spot
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  • Changes:

    • Its name was changed to z-dialog
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Public API

  • Changes:
    • The store state is not exposed anymore. Just its actions


  • Changes:

    • Its name was changed to $zircle
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  • New
  • Optional
  • Use to config your zircle-ui project
	mode: 'full' // or 'mixed'
	style: {
	router: router, // vue-router object
	debug: false // or true



CSS styles

Before zircle-ui 0.9.0 the css styles were embedded into zircle.js. At the begining, I thought it was cool, but using it a while I realized that it is difficult to adapt the styles to a particular project. So, in zircle-ui >= 0.9.0 the css styles are extracted into a separated css file again.

From zircle-ui 0.9.0 the css prepocessor SASS is used in development. Now there are two sass files. One, called styles with generic styles and other called themes.

Some css classes were renamed to avoid potentials conflicts with others libraries.